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The Farm at 64

I don't really have a farm. I don't even have a small holding. I just keep a number of small animals that I share with the public in aid of the charity Porridge and Rice a few times a year.

I live in Whitton about 10 minutes from Heathrow between Hounlsow and Twickenham. I live with my wife, 3 children, 1 dog, a number of budgies, Pekin bantams, chinchillas, various finches, guinea pigs, African Pygmy hedgehogs, diamond doves, Zebra doves, and Chinese painted quails.

I breed some of my animals to improve my stock. I sell extra animals to people looking for a pet or hobby breeders like myself. Keeping my animals is very expensive especially when they need the attention of the vet; selling extra stock helps with costs of keeping my animals, albeit only a little.

I do not sell to pet stores. I like to meet the people who buy animals from me so I can make sure they understand how to care for the animals they buy. For the same reason, I am happy for people to

Guinea Pig
remain in contact especially when they need advice. I am not a vet but I have kept and bred my animals for a long time, and am happy to share what I have learned.

I list what I have for sale when I can. If you are looking for something that I breed and it isn't listed, contact me to find out whether I have stock as it can sometimes take a while for me to update my For Sale page.

I welcome visitors by arrangement either to buy an animal or simply to take a look. If it is the latter, all I ask is a donation for the charity I support, Porridge and Rice. Please contact me if you wish to visit.

I arrange open days three to four days a year when people can visit, see and pet my animals for themselves. There

Budgie House
are usually other activities on these open days like face painting, balloon modelling, and mehndi henna designs with all proceeds going to the charity, Porridge and Rice. So far, we have had some wonderful days with lots of people visiting and enjoying the opportunity to hold and pet the animals, and learn more about the work that the entrance fees will support. Hopefully, there will be many more.

I sell fertile Pekin and Chinese Painted quail eggs when they are available. I do not post eggs; they need to be collected.

Fertile chicken and quail eggs are available free to schools in return for a donation to the charity Porridge and Rice. In addition, I have an incubator for rental to schools if they wish to hatch eggs for pupils. The rental fee goes directly to Porridge and Rice and I will rehome any unwanted chicks.

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Pekin Chick
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Guinea Pig
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