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I am fascinated by the world of animals, domestic and wild, not just one species. I watch David Attenborough's programmes transfixed, I adore watching the herds of elephant on the African plains of Amboseli, and I am delighted when my budgies raise a new clutch.

I keep a wide range of animals from ducks to chinchillas. I find them all interesting and entertaining: they have brought me great pleasure for many years, and will do so for many years to come.

my daughter Tessa holds a young African Pygmy Hedgehog that I bred


I keep African Pygmy Hedgehogs which are a domesticated breed thought to come from two varieties of hedgehog native to North Africa.

my flock of Pekin Bantam Chickens wanders around the garden scratching in the ground looking for insects


I specialise in breeding Pekin Bantams. They are gentle, friendly chickens that make wonderful pets.

A Zebra Dove calmly resting on a branch, their favourite past time when not scratching on the ground


I keep two species of doves, diamond and zebra doves, both small species, that live together happily in my aviary.

My flock of budgies enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine in their outdoor flight


I am particularly fond of recessive pieds, although I keep different varieties including normal, spangles, dominant pieds, and yellow face.

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets for all ages being cute, friendly, and affectionate

Guinea Pigs

At the moment, I am keen on coronets but I also keep short-haired, abyssinian and peruvian guinea pigs.

Chinese painted quails are the smallest members of the quail family and known as button quail in the US

Chinese Painted Quails

These cute little birds live on the floor of my dove and finch aviary. They are simply delightful.

Mini lop rabbits with their hanging ears are beautiful animals with strong personalities


I only have two rabbits which were given to me to rehome. I tried for a while to find them a new home but have grown so fond of them that I have decided that they have found their home.

Pekin ducks are handsome birds that lay large white eggs and enjoy the chance to go for a swim regularly


I keep 5 Pekin ducks. They are real characters that make me laugh out loud sometimes.

Chinchillas are nimble animals that love to run, jump and climb at night and sleep in the day


I have 3 adult chinchillas which live in my home. They are such beautiful animals but do not make good pets for children.


I board small pets for £1 per animal per day. The money raised for boarding goes directly to the education charity Porridge and Rice that works among the extreme poor living in the Nairobi slums.

In addition, if you have small animals that you no longer can care for, regardless of the reason, I will happily take them in and rehome them. If I cannot find them a new, good home, they will live their days out at The Farm at 64.

Pekin bantam chickens enjoy a scratch in the garden while a protective dog, a jack russell, stands guard over them
Pekin bantam chickens scratch in the flower beds among the corn marigolds and verbenas, for insects especially worms
      that make a tasty afternoon meal

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