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I find gardening relaxing, and enjoy working hard or simply pottering about. I grow a range of garden plants and vegetables, some successfully and some unsuccessfully.

Recently, I started growing plants for resale to raise money for the charity Porridge and Rice that supports schools in the Nairobi slums, home to some of the poorest people in the world.

the white indigenous snowdrop blooms heralding the end of the winter months and the beginning of spring


These beautiful little flowers usher in Spring, heralding colour and warmth returning to the garden.

daffodils of all sizes and colours are a part of Spring in the England


The wide range of colours and sizes of daffodils available, make these plants a must-have for the Spring garden.

primula vulgaris is one of spring's great delights after a cold, brown winter


I keep two species of doves, diamond and zebra doves, both small species, that live together happily in my aviary.



It has taken over 20 years for this magnolia to reach its current size, and it has been worth the wait.



As the daffodils fade, tulips take over with fluorescent, dramatic colours on tall stems.



Giant hostas provide architectural impact in shady areas in the garden.



A good rhubarb plant produces an endless source of delicious deserts with its thick stems.



When it flowers, it dominates its corner of the garden with its large white flowers.



The tall colourful spires bring eye-catching colour to the garden for most of summer.


The Farm at 64 supports Porridge and Rice, an education charity that works among the extreme poor living in the Nairobi slums. The charity adopts a broad approach to education through seven programmes which include everything to hot porridge at breakfast to sanitary pads for girls at the schools.

Videos of the animals from the The Farm at 64 can be found on YouTube. New videos are uploaded on a regular basis. Please visit and SUBSCRIBE to help the channel grow and raise money for Porridge and Rice. These videos as well as photos from The Farm at 64 can also be found on Reddit in Pets Corner, a sub-reddit for pets being interesting, funny or cute.

Pekin bantam chickens enjoy a scratch in the garden while a protective dog, a jack russell, stands guard over them
Pekin bantam chickens scratch in the flower beds among the corn marigolds and verbenas, for insects especially worms
       that make a tasty afternoon meal

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